Monday, 29 December 2008

Happy Birthday Mok...

My grandmother and my mother

28 December mother's birthday..
She was born in 28 December 1953..that makes her turn into 55 years old this year..
and this afternoon, i met her while walking out from the ward area in HKB..
she was there to pick up some insulin needle supply from the diabetic clinic there..
at that time..i really dun remember it was her birthday..
as me, aDA n ATIH already wish her 2 days earlier..(as we thought we are not available at home on 28th)
Later, i met my brother, Abe..outside the building after make a call to him..
He's home yesterday..and brought back some deer silap..kijang..(dlm english aper yer??)..

Kami adik beradik bagi Mok hadiah last 2 days..hmm....benda yang gerak flip flap tu..bentuk rama2..guna kuasa solar..ada yang bentuk daun 2 helai..comey...
boleh letak dalam kereta..tepi tingkap ker..sonok tgk dia gerak...
yang daun bagi hadiah sempena birthday Che Ja, New Year ni..1st January..aA tak tahu whether aDA n ATIH dah bg belum kat Che Ja..hehe..

Hepi Birthday MOK...
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Sunday, 28 December 2008


gambar kat atas tu adalah senarai hospital yang buat aA n kwn2 pening sejak 2 minggu ni..

banyak kan hospital..ada 5 hospital yang baru dibuka untuk HO..

1. Sandakan

2. Kulim

3. Sungai hospital baru

4. Ampang

5. Sultan Ismail, JB

td kakak buddy, Kuza (senior yang byk tolong dari 1st year lagi sampai sekarang) tepon...

ada la tnya dia pasal HO kat Melaka..dia kat sana..

sedih dia..baru hari ni dia citer pasal hostel kat sana..

before ni bila tnya..

dia cakap semua best especially bab gaji n makan..

tp td baru dia citer kebenaran tempat tinggal dia..

teruk la..dengan tak leh nak masak, takder tempat ampaian..

kena sidai baju dalam toilet..

and kongsi satu bilik 3 orang..etc la..

lagi teruk dari USM..

kesian tul..

itu lah satu perkara yang aA bimbang..if facilities kat sana tak best..hahaha..

duk BP..rumah aDA depan problem dah..

duk Kajang..dekat rumah mama (my auntie)..

tp sebab xder lesen keta lagi..

tu yg problem..

so, hope hostel HO kat sana OK..

or hospital baru..hope hostel dia masih OK gak..

kalo ada lesen keta..senang skit..

tu la A'a..test 3 kali pun tak lepas2 lagi.. tiang parking yang sama,

di petak parking yang sama..

semua tiang aA 'sentuh' lepas elok jer keta masuk petak and ready nak kuar..


tapi if dapat salah satu..


doakan aA dapat ikut priority..alang2 pilih kajang..

baik letak serdang 2nd kan..hehehe..

semoga aA boleh dapat lesen before gi keje

nak keje..kena lepas exam, gi study nuhhh...)..

...syuhhh syuhhh...

c u later...

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Mahukan kepastian..

Juz now..exploring some profiles from Friendster..
and many of them already got their own URL link..the thing that come to my mind is..
is it OK to combine two names, name of man and woman who are didn't have any legal relationship..camner ek nk cakap??...yg tak kawen la..
contoh paling senang..yg berkapel ni la..suka sangat gabung nama jd satu..
naper aA tnya benda ni??
coz..pernah terbaca dalam paper dulu..ada sorg ustaz tu kata takleh gabung nama if xder ikatan sah coz sama cam Zina Nama..
pernah dgr tak pasal benda ni??ada sesaper yg tahu pasal ni..boleh discuss by drop some comments..
Thank You..

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Nak keje kat mana ni??

Juz came back from HRPZ II a.k.a Hospital Kota Bharu for a teaching session with Prof Zabidi..(USM Paediatrician)...a lot of things we learn today especially how to tackle a shy n non-cooperative child.
After the session..we had an informal session with the HO in of them from UPM, and the other one from IMU..a lot of questions we asked..
and most of them regarding Housemanship..
which hospital is the best..??
how's the staff and working environment..
clinical skill that we can learn..
and many more..

After a trip to Sabah in June this year..i'm very excited to do my HO year in Kota Kinabalu..becoz of the beauty...right now??...may be KK is one of the most bziest hospital..
imagine u receive a lot of patients from most part of the KK and the area surrounds it including Kota MArudu, maybe Kudat and Kota Belud..
what a big area of coverage..and of course..the workload..
too much load also a disadvantages for us to learn about the managemnet of the cases. Like ROBOT la..

then, i decided to got to Hospita Batu Pahat..
why?? sister, aDA stay there..and her house exactly in front of the hospital..
easy for me..transport??confirm..just walk..
house??cnfirm..tumpang jer..
Besides..HBP not too bz and no too relax..just nice..
Dr. Lee (HO from IMU) also told that the staffs there are very nice..good working environment..

The problem is..
we are given 3 choices to choose..and whoever put any hospital located in Sabah and Sarawak..even the 3rd choice..u will be send there..directly.. means, ur 1st and second choice will be directly ignored..
if not, i'm very daring to put the 3rd choice Hospital Tawau..
Help me..anybody got any information about other hospital??

i'm not interested with the following hospital...
1. any hospital in Kelantan, terengganu, Pahang
2. Hospital Kulim
3. Any University Hospital
4. any hospital in Sarawak
5 Hospital Teluk Intan
6. Hospital Kelang and Ampang
7. emmm...mana lagi yer??..

and quite interested with
1. Selayang
2. Serdang
3. xder dah..xleh nk pk dah...

k..already class after this..Radiology..

Jom layan lagu KRU..

sempena ketibaan Cicakman 2..tetiba plak teringat..dulu aA ni memang minat giler lagu KRU..kalo ada rap tu, siap boleh ingat lagi..(kan bagus kalo leh ingat nota2 mcm ingat lagu)..

so, skrg duk layan lagu KRU jer..tmbh2 lagi jmpa website yg boleh download lagu KRU..illegal ni..hahah..

tp skrg mood BLUES, gilir2 dgn LiteFM n lagu BLUES dlm desktop..

KRU-Boyzone-5ive-KATTUN (Japanese Boyband)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cloud of mine

gbr yg depan sekali tu la gbr yg telah disubmit ke The Cloud Appreciation bukan guna yg dh dikolaj ni..yg ori la..ada byk lagi..kemudian la kot..
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What can u see??..
this image was copied from the website The Cloud Appreciation Society..they got so many pictures of nice, colourful cloud and storm..
and i just submit one of my collection last night..hope they'll accepted it..=P

and i think that i juz realized i also got some interest with Cloud..
and it's very painful..when i saw some beautiful pattern of the cloud..but my Nikon s10 was not in my hand...huhu..right Nikon was at the
besides..hope one day i can be a member for the society..need some money..current member from Malaysia??..only four..and hope i'll be the 5th..hahaha..cepat sangat tu..
tunggulah..nak kena bayar tu problem skit..dgn keadaan securit internet yg sgt low skrg..
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Friday, 19 December 2008

114 days left before my exam..

already entered paediatric of the 'malignant' posting..not all part of the posting..
this time, we're divided into four subgroup : Neonatal Posting, Paediatric Clinic Posting and two groups on General Paediatric..
For me, i'm prefered to be in NICU (Neonatal ICU)..and tomorrow, i have my oncall there..
hope got some procedure to learn..
In NICU, most of the babies got problems with respiration such as respiration distress syndrome due to premature and some complication during antenatal period such as maternal hypertension, maternal diabetes, fetal distress ..or intrapartum problem eg: prolonged 2nd stage of labour etc..
can you imagine..dealing with small, red pitiful face babies who are in respiratory light as 800gm..kesian woooo..some are due to unexplained premature delivery..
Failure to Thrive in Premature Infants
one birth with the weight of 1.0kg born at 25 weeks of gestation..but still didn't gain weight after 1 month in NICU..still dunno the causes of the failure to thrive...
Heart Disease
One term infants diagnosed to have Double Outlet Right Ventricle..this baby always in cyanosed condition..(blue-spell)..especially during cying..means that, he always in chronic hypoxia state..which was not good for his developement..and the help him..oxygen supplementation was given via nasal prong (not comfortable at all to wear this..wanna try??)
Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
This condition was due to prolonged hypoxia or anoxia during intrapartum..usually the baby did not cry just after birth..and always need intubation..there's one case the baby's head stuck for more than 10 minutes in breech delivery.. try to imagine, did not get oxygen for 10 minutes..
nak tahan nafas seminit pun dah penat..
HIE got 3 grade : Grade I-III.
Grade III had the worst prognosis for later development..and characterised by seizures during neonatal period..and many more criteria using Sarnat-Sarnat Criteria of Grading..
for further information..boleh carik kat internet or jurnal..
Birth Injury
1. The trauma occurs during antenatal, intrapartum period..
maybe due to lacking of amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios),
eg: limbs fracture
2. assisted delivery (Ventouse or Vacuum delivery, Forceps delivery),
eg: bruises over the scalp or hematoma ranging from non-life threathening to life threathening.
3. big baby who had difficulty to deliver the shoulder (shoulder dystocia) where the shoulder stuck at the maternal pelvis
eg: paralysis of the shoulder and upper limb..can be transiet or permanent.
banyak lagi causes of admission kat NICU ni..xhabih nk cerita..sebab nk study jap yer..hehe..

Friday, 28 November 2008

Sori sesangat...

kalo ikut post2 yg lepas..byk benda nk cerita...tapi bila sedar masa makin suntuk untuk PROFESSIONAL EXAM this April..rasa xsempat lak nak citer..
walau bagaimanapun..aA masih ingat lagi benda2 yg nak citer tu coz that's my memories..yg insya-Allah dengan izin-Nya aA akan tetap ingat sampai bila2..why so special??..
semua tu memberi pengajaran dan membuka mata aA sebagai pelajar peubatan..that's my life..

p/s: Abe..A'a tak sempat lagi nak review buku tu..dah baca 1st chapter..memang best..meremang bulu roma..terharu n kagum sgt2..if ada masa free..aA try baca buku tu n try to review back as ur request..

Intermediate Aim..

My intermediate short term aim..nk revision balik semua block yg lepas..while at the same time..improving my clinical that, i can be a safe doctor..a good ethical doctor..short term aim penting untuk intermediate aim..and short term aim must be continuous as long as i'm alive..
belajar bukan untuk exam sahaja..belajar kerana Allah..mesti ikhlas kerana Allah..
My long term aim..dah gtau dah kat atas tu..
banyak aim sebenarnya...keep coming to my mind..too many..haha..
doakan Aa berjaya yer..
harapan motivation..
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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

O&G Posting..

Salam sejahtera semua..

I'm in my 3rd week for my Obstetric and Gynaecology 2 weeks more to go with 3 times on-call session left and a hundred blank boxes in my log book to fulfill...not forget two clinical reports..huhu..

I already conduct a case of normal delivery.
27 years old Malay female, primigravida (1st pregnancy) at 39 weeks and few days (can't remember the exact days). In Obstetric, the exected date of delivery was based on 40 weeks of gestation..means 280 days. Not like in Malay drama "9 months 9 days or 10 days" is 9 months and 7 days..
This time, my patient was very excited to see her child..when the Os was 3 cm dilated..she keep asking me when will the labour process will end..and she also claimed that she can't wait to push..
then, as the pain was very severe (due to strong uterine contraction), we give IM Pethidine together with anti-emetics. Just in minutes, she falls asleep..very deep sleep..very peace eventhough the contraction intensity was increasing..A peaceful 2nd stage of labour..
Around 4 hours later..the cervix still not favourable. At that time was 5 cm dilated. Got 5 cm more to go.. Oxytocin infusion was given..until maximum dose..where the patient's cervix dilatation reached at 10cm just in 1 hour..She was put in left lateral position and asked to start pushing in that position..for another 30 was 3.45pm. And i got class at 4.00pm..
As the midwife knows that i'd got a class with my lecturer..Sharp at 4pm, the patient was put in supine and started on active pushing...
With very good and effective pushing..i successfully conduct the delivery of the baby girl 10 minutes later...very happy..that's was my 1st case..6 hours staying in the labour room with the mother..very satisfied..blood, amniotic fluid, the's bad..i can even swallow a drink or food unless i really scrub my white coat??yess..the odour of the amniotic fluid and the blood were there..but i managed to mask the smell by rolling my mini Escape Calvin Klein on my white coat..hehe..
next time...i will share a experience witnessed a mother delivered an anencephaly baby..

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The immature side of me... feedjit revealed that someone from ......... . That person may be had read my prevoios posts on under one topic...which i may concluded that "the immature side of my thinking.."..
that's a long time ago..being a final medical student..i start to know and learned to be be more positive.. more cheerful..less distressing..
not like my previous time..haha..
once thought to delete that post(s)..but..that's part of my experienced..sayang r nak delete..bila baca balik..mula la tergelak sorang diri..kelakar plak..instead of sedih or stress..kita ingat kita mature waktu by time, belum cukup lagi..
like my best frenz cakap : the experienced makes me wiser...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

2nd small reunion- SKPG 2

From Left : Ifah, Biey, Baizura, Miti, A'a
Back : Nazman

during open house on 1st Nov Kg.Tok home..

bila la kawan2 lain nk join reunion time..will be.
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Sunday, 2 November 2008

1 Nov 2008..Open House

An open house, session for eating and greetings..
for my USMmates and also my friends from SKPG2..
held at my home..form 10am till 3.30pm..tired but enough for me to make smile during my sleeping time..
and thanks a lot to both MY PARENTS, My Aunties, My Neighbours and also My Three Friends (Fairuz, Pu and Ara)..

later, will upload the pics..even though my Nikon s10 was not there..but i will try to copy the photos from my friends..

Thanks a lot for Coming..

Now..getting ready to go to O&G Department.. 1st day in O&G posting..right now, at 8.13am..the briefing at 9am..haha...cepat..cepat..

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Esok Exam Kot..

Tengah study hematology td..penat lak baru jer bgun tdo td..stay up ni.sekarang kul 3.3opg..esok..khamis..30hb..ramai member group ada exam long case and short case ngan supervisor..A'a??
xsure lagi..tak dapat jumpa supervisor..dia tak tahu dia cuti lagi ke tak..nk SMS..tak tahu sama ada dia OK ke tak kalo SMS..ada certain lecturer xsuka student mesej dia..lupa lak nak tnya dia hari tu..
kalo esok dia cuti lagi..means, maybe next week la kot, time posting O&G kena exam untuk Internal Medicine ni..
hope dia ada la esok..nk kena settle buku log lagi ni..lompang..haha..
dan jugak report..supervisor xcheck lagi..coz style dia..check depan student..haha..70% marks tu..banyaknya..
k ah..nanti sambung lepas exam pulak..(yakin jer esok exam..)..xleh lama2..kena smbung balik study ni..c u later..

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ni gambar masa elektif..tapi ni bukan kat Ipoh..kat Batu Pahat..weekend last masa elektif, my best friend bawak balik kampung dia.
dapat peluang tengok cara orang Johor kenduri kawen.. meriah..kat dewan..tu kali pertama menghadiri majlis kawen kat dewan. Sepupu2 kawen, tak berpeluang gi.. tunggu sepupu2 yang lain la plak..hahaha..
nampak tak bendera Johor kat belakang tu??..bukti duk kat Johor..
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Friday, 24 October 2008

ilusi optik 3

April 14, 2006 by Vurdlak

Observe this! No, those lines weren't done in Photoshop. The red lines are actually painted on the buildings themselves! If you don't believe me, jump inside the post to see evidence I provided. It is massive version of famous "3D Painted Rooms" I posted earlier. This picture was taken in Place de l'Odeon, Paris. Looks like someone took a red marker and drew a couple of lines on the image below! It looks perfectly lined up only if you view it from one particular viewpoint.Here's how it was done:

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Medical Posting : Case

It's been a long time for me not discussing about the cases i'd seen during my posting..

Actually, this evening i recall back and have a look at my previous posts.. i'm laughing at myself.. i can see the immature side of me and the mature side..hahaha..that's life.. gain experience to make me wiser (ayat G-mah ni )..

First case i saw during my posting this time..the one that i really knew the progress was about :

24 years old Malay male, non-smoker presented with gradual shortness of breath and symptoms of heart failure such as orthopnea (unable to lying flat), paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea (grasping for breath while sleeping) and ankle edema. Besides, he also become lethargy and reduced effort tolerance for 2 weeks duration. At the same time, he experienced left sided chest pain. He did seek for treatment from the General Practitioner (GP) and was given medication for gastritis (MMT..the white minty syrup). However the symptoms does not resolved.


Later, as he knows that the symptoms became worsen, he came to our hospital..and ECG (electrocardiography, a type of investigation to look for electrical activity of the heart) was carried out..and a chest x-ray.. ECG shows that the features of a heart which unable to pump strong enough (low amplitude QRS complex)..and the chest x-ray shows bilateral pleural effusion. Heart border hardly seen. Echocardiography done and revealed the presence of massive pericardial effusion (fluid between the heart wall and the layer that covers the heart, pericardium). Emergency pericardiocentesis (a procedure to aspirate the fluid from the pericardial cavity.
CT scan of the neck, thorax and abdomen were ordered. From the report, there was a huge mass in the midline in the thorax cavity confined the upper, middle and lower part of the mediastinum (in the thorax)..
Two tissue biopsy were done at different time for histopathology examination. The result came back 1 week later..after an urgent tracing..

Told to have : Malignant Germ Cell Tumor (embryonal carcinoma).
This type of carcinoma commonly occur in male rather in female with the ratio of 9:1.
This patient already gor bone metastasis to the lumbar vertebrae and later was referred to oncologist.

Breaking the news
Before the patient knows about the diagnosis, he did ask me regarding the result. He said that the doctors told him about 'Barah'..and he ask what he's going to do next if the result was true.
I'm as the medical student can't told the diagnosis to the patient. It is bioethics. Only the doctors who manage the patient can do this task.
During the morning round, the same day when the doctor break the news, i was there. I can see the patient's face changed once he knows the result. Can u imagine that??...

As i remember, this was the 3rd time i encountered with the situation. Breaking the news.
The first one involved the patient with Diabetes Mellitus with multifocal lung infections and pericardial effusion secondary to melliodosis. Second case was a 40 years old Chinese man diagnose to have Advanced Unilateral Lung Carcinoma.

See.. no matter at what age, the disease can come without we realized it until it already spread.
At certain range of age, there's certain risk for certain disease. Take good care of ur health.

One of my lecturer told us during teaching with him in KK Kuala Besut :
"Both of my parents got Diabetes Mellitus..i got 80% risk to get the same disease..That's why i do OGTT annualy and always go for medical chack up to look for my lipid profile.."

Just to share with u guys..not to scare any of you..just for reminder..for a better future..

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Jigoku Shoujo a.k.a. Hell Girl

Hmmm..tengok tajuk post kali ni bunyi cam benda jahat jer..mana ada..
Jigoku (Hell) Shoujo (Girl) adalah siri anime (drama kartun Jepun) yang paling diminati A'a selepas Dragonball GT (ini pun anime ker??..)

Anime ni dah masuk season 3 pada 6 Oktober hari tu tapi masih tak berpeluang nak tonton..
Minggu lepas baru dapat habiskan season 2,

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (Hell Girl - Nightmare)..
puas hati bila dapat tengok..
season 2 lebih seram dan lebih ganas dan extreme tapi lebih banyak scene yang sedih..

Siap A'a boleh nangis lagi bila tengok yang episod 26 (final)..
apa yang sedih sangat??..
bila dah follow dari season 1..or at least starting season 2,
kita boleh tahu kenapa Hell Girl, Enma Ai buat kerja2 ni...

ayat favaourite Enma Ai ni : Ippen Shindemiru??

nak tahu,kena la tengok sendiri..A'a siap download lagi..heheh..
baru jer sejam tadi siap burn dalam CD..
My sister, Atih pun suka tengok Anime ni..dah lama kami follow..
dapat peluang jer terus tengok..ada gak kat Animax
Dia ada cuba cari CD original kat KL..tak tahu la jumpa ke tak..
dapat yang Original baru best dan feeling tengok..even kartun..

so, sesaper yang berhajat nak tengok Anime ni..boleh la ke website ni :
tapi kena register dulu..tak pe..tak kena bayar pun..

Versi Live Action pun ada..dah tak dapat tengok lagi coz kat USM ni, website tu dah kena block..haha...
padan muka A'a..sempat tengok sampai episod 9 jer kot..

yang ni ada kat

k..nak sambung revision jap..esok pagi kena gi wad.. ONCALL..
Gambatte A'a..

Friday, 17 October 2008

Got the Book..

Salam Sejahtera..
petang tadi my parents datang..macam biasa..dia nak anak dia antar baju balik rumah untuk didobi..kalo tak antar..dia suh naik balik ke bilik..bawak baju tu turun..banyak kali dah A'a tak bagi Ayoh basuh baju tapi dia nak jugak..
so, banyak kali jugak la terserempak ngan MO and kawan2 kat depan blok asrama (BLOK B) ni..sambil bawak beg baju dobi yang besar..kadang2 sampai terlimpah-limpah..siap lengan baju or seluar terjurai keluar lagi dari beg..
ada sekali tu, siap selisih dengan MO anaest lagi..defense mehanism masa tu : senyum jer..
hahaha..cover malu..siap my sis, Atih boleh gelak lagi..kelakar agaknya nampak bawak beg besar sampai xmuat baju..haha..
that's my intro..
sebenarnya, tadi my parents ada bawak sekali nasik (RUTIN dah ni) dengan lauk yang My Mum masak la..
..terus selera dan semangat sangat nak makan..
petang tadi jugak My Parents bawak sebuah bungkusan..yer...di dalamnya ada sebuah buku..
Sebuah novel kisah besar..pernah baca sampai 1st 5 pages jer..and terus rasa nak memiliki buku tu (skemanya ayat)..memang best..with simple English and their explaination why certain things and story cannot be storied out..puas hati la..

Title : From My Sister's Lips
Author : Naima B. Robert
A'a ni bukannya jenis baca novel..beli yang Lord of the Rings dulu pun sampai sekarang tak habih2 lagi pun..itu beli 3 tahun lepas tu..haha..
hope buku ni A'a berjaya habihkan dan dapat citer balik pasal buku tu kat blog ni.. kena ada motivator sendiri baru rasa terdorong nak baca buku ni..hope to gain something valuable for my life from this book..
Thanks to my cousin for giving me this book as my birthday present..

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Friday, 10 October 2008


Salam and Selamat Sejahtera kepada yang membaca..ada ker??

Malam ni..10hb Oktober 2008..hari ke-10 raya..kat Blok B (hostel di USM) ni, meriah sangat..

Ramai yang buat bilik terbuka..jamu biskut raya..

..siap ada yang buat BBQ lagi..

..tapi bilik dak medic semua terkatup kot..


..duk bilik single ni biasa la..bilik terbuka gak..

nk bagi angin masuk sambil tengok anime kegemaran..

..Hell Girl a.k.a. Jigoku Shoujo...

ni namanya Enma Ai

..tengok online..

bukak pintu bilik..wireless pun laju skit..hehe..

..ada unsur misused di sini nampaknya..

tengah tunggu loading anime la blogging jap..

..satu perkara yang Lalan (my cousin) anti sangat2..

..xper..lagi dia anti, lagi kita blogging...haha..

becoz there's someone somewhere outside there yang baca..


apa motif n objektif nk tulis blog mlm ni yer??

cam xder jer.banyak sangat sampai xtahu nk yang mana dulu..

hmm...nk citer pasal..

yer...dapat dah idea..

skit lagi idea nk sampai...

...jangan lari....

My Favourite Ikan Toman


dia ni xder kaitan ngan A'a pun..nak tunjuk rupa ikan toman jer brother, Abe Najmi dapat kerja.

Alhamdulillah..akhirnya..even tempat dia keje tu jauh di pedalaman..

..kat Tasik Banding..

..tapi ada benda best kat sana yang kami sama-sama suka...
Ikan Air Tawar.. sedap tuh..
..lepas seminggu dia gi keje..dia balik..

..dan bawak balik sekali seekor ikan toman seberat 2.3kg..

BESAR..masih hidup..
A'a tak tengok la dia hidup..tapi Atih tengok..jeles tul..

..dah la ikan favourite..


nampak macho dengan cerita-cerita keganasan ikan ni..
masa Abe memula smapai kat rumah tu..dia SMS A'a..

kata dia bawak balik ikan toman hidup-hidup..d

ia ajak A'a balik tapi A'a kena gi wad time takleh la balik...

then dia kata dia akan siang ikan tu..dan nak antar kat A'a yang dah masak...

alaaaa...nak la tengok yang hidup lagi..

ada suggest kat Abe suh letak dalam tangki ikan hitam Ayoh..


Ayoh tak bagi..dia takut habih ikan Ayoh dalam tangki tu kena makan..

so, terpaksalah 'bunuh' gak..
Petangnya..Abe pun antarlah ikan toman yang dah siap masak tu..

fuuuhhh..besar tul..dia antar skit je

dalam 3 ketul..share makan berbuka ngan kawan2..tu pun xhbh..

maka yang xhabih tu jd lauk sahur A'a..

seminggu before raya pun, Abe Najmi bawak balik lagi sekor..habih usaha dia nak pastikan ikan tu hidup..

sempat mati dulu masa sampai kat Tanah Merah..

..xper..dapat tengok yang full lagi..

sepanjang seminggu tu..sahur dan berbuka..lauk ikan toman jer..

celup tepung dan goreng..dah cukup sedap..

bila entah..part ekor tu dapat kat A'a..

besar tapak tangan untuk sirip ekor sahaja..

bila makan part situ..baru tahu struktur ekor ikan tu..
pangkal ekor dia sama cam pangkal bulu pelepah burung..
jap yer...

nak cari gambar seumpamanya...

masa makan tu..xambik gambar...
nampak tak batang bulu pelepah tu?? camtu la rupanya

alahai..bila carik gambar bulu burung..teringat la kat citer Forrest Gump..kan awal2 tu ada dia tunjuk yg feather tu terbang...dah dah..

balik pada citer asal...cik TOMAN..

my uncle, my aunt and my cousin tak makan ikan toman..

sebab dia kata kepala ikan toman macam kepala ular..SNAKE HEAD..

in English pun..memang nama dia SNAKEHEAD..

ada jenis Red Snakehead, ada yang Giant Snakehead..

yang paling lawa sekali..Toman Bunga..

..Flower Snakehead ker??..haha..

memang pun..itu kepala..kita makan badan dia..

rasa dia??...macam ikan tenggiri..

kira tenggiri sungai la...

link untuk ke citer pasal 'Attack of the Snakehead'

so..tajuk utama malam ni sebenarnya..


selesai..lain kali citer benda lain plak..

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sahur..dan pen

bangun sahur pagi ni terkejut lagi..
kulihat cadar..wah wah..colourfulnya..

terkena 3rd highlighter..kali ni warna kuning plak..befire this warna merah dan oren..tgk nanti bila2 warna apa plak..

ni semua gara-gara tertidur bila baca buku sambil baring..
nasib baik tak terconteng atas muka sendiri...
hmmm...teringat lak kisah masa form three dulu...
tetiba kepala rasa, garu la guna hujung pen yg click tu..ingatkan dah click tutup mata pen tu..sekali..punyalah sedap garu..bygkan bila gatal..kita garu..nikmatnya...
sekali ada orang tegur...
"dah xder kertas ke nak wat test pen.??"..

sekali bila gi surau..check tudung..fuyooo.....sebijik mcm kita conteng atas kertas before kita beli pen..boleh byg x??..ala..kan ada yg test pen lukis bulat2...nk test smooth ke x pen tu...mcm tu la bentuknya...
dah la time tu kena stayback sampai petang kat, nak xnak...kena gak pakai tudung tu sampai petang...hahaha....

Sunday, 21 September 2008

District Posting - Hospital Besut

1st day..
kami agak down gak..ada skit la coz dari group yg lepas2..kata rumah yg bakal kami duduk ni rumah buruk..etc..

ada yg kata bakal runtuh..memang la tp lama lagi tu..kalo rumah baru pun kita boleh kata bakal runtuh gak kan..

cuma xtahu bila..

bila sampai depan rumah tu..fuyooo...lawa gak..warna oren....

pandangan sisi asrama pelajar USM di Besut

pandangan hadapan..Lelaki dan Perempuan..sebelah menyebelah jer..
bila masuk rumah..ayat kami ialah

"OK jer"..
"lawa gak design dia"...
"xder la buruk sgt"..
"ada dapur gas lagi tu..
"eh eh..TV pun ada"...
"ini yang best..ada peti sejuk"..
bahagianya hati..

apa lagi yang nak?? cukup complete dah..siap ada 2 mop dengan ajax fabuloso...

2 benda ni sinonim ngan A'a masa stay kat sana..


k..sambung lain kali..ngantuk..

nk tdo..nnti nk bagun sahur lak..

Thursday, 18 September 2008

District Posting - Hospital Besut - Sesat jalan

Hai..Salam Sejahtera semua..
lama weh dop menaip di blog nih..
baru ada kelapangan..baru jer exam tadi..hehe..
Baru-baru ni A'a dan 13 orang lagi diletak di Besut untuk District Posting selama
3 minggu plus plus..
Banyak benda best dapat belajar kat sana..
Kami bertolak gi sana seawal 7.30 pagi pada 19hb Ogos 2008..
masa 1st day tu pun ado doh benda/kenangan kelakar berlaku..
k..nanti a'a citer day by day..
yang masih ingat la..
Masa 1st day..
ada dah certain yg bawak keta sendiri gi Besut..
so, kami2 yang takder keta ni naiklah bas untuk 22 orang ni..
penumpangnya hanyalah 3 orang...
bas punyalah laju..bayangkan..terlambung-lambung kami tidur dalam perjalanan..
lena jugak..hahaha...
yang bwk keta lak, follow dari belakang..
Tetiba pakcik bas kejut..tanya kami nak makan pagi tak..
OK jer..
so, kami pun turunlah join makan..
bila turun barulah tahu rupanya ada yg bwk keta tersesat..
xjumpa kami..hoho...
Habih makan..sambung balik perjalanan..
n dekat2 nk masuk bandar Jerteh (aka Besut),
ada la satu jalan yg pelik skit..kena lalu bwh jambatan..
masa ni la dari 2 buah keta yg asalnya 3 jadi 1..hahaha..
boleh plak diorang terlepas sampai ke Kuala Besut..
jauh tu..
so, kami yg duk atas bas ni la yg jadi receptionist..tempat pertanyaan..
tanya A'a lagi la xtahu jalan..
tdo kan..haha...
Sambil tunggu kat tepi jalan tu..
keta 1st yang sesat memula tadi sampai..
sian tgk diorang..
kelaparan coz tak join kami makan awal tadi..
...yang join kami masa makan td..
..still sesat..
lama gak r menunggu..xper..
nasib baik ada wakil atas bas..heheh...
Tu citer masa hari pertama..bila ingat balik..kelakar sungguh..

Monday, 18 August 2008

Olympic 2008 - Swimming and Badminton

Previous post..story about Aaron Peirsol..this morning (17th Aug)..his last performance for

Olympic 4x100m Medley 1st swimmer..backstroke..waaahhh....he got his 2nd

gold medal..=P

First medal : Gold for 100m Backstroke with new world record 52.54s

Second medal : Silver for 200m Backstroke, behind Ryan Lochte with the record of 1:54.33..huhu..

Third medal: Gold for 4x100m Medley Relay..

that's about Aaron Peirsol..

how about Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei??

sad..very sad..
he losses to Lin Dan of China with 2-0 (12-21, ...21)..tak ingat..hehe..nnti check Silver..but it's OK la..

at least got medal..

and i wanna emphasize that..'xsokong Amerika tapi sokong talent of the swimmers'...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Olympic and Me


the moment that i'm waiting for..every four years..

dapat tengok Aaron Peirsol..

Backstroke swimmer from USA..

a.k.a Jaguh Kampung.. (since Peirsol's appearance in Sydney 2000)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

The best month ever..August 2008

Meet friends during my primary school...Sekolah Kebangsaan Padang Garong 2..

not face to FRIENDSTER..hehe..

waiting for the plan to do some reunion...

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Jetty..islands..beach...and... LUNCH
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Three Islands -SABAH 2008

Part 1: On the boat..water

Three of us..going to three SABAH...

Pulau Mamutik (interesting story: nearly drown)
Pulau Manukan (ineteresting part: expensive lunch)
Pulau Sapi (interesting experienced: desensitization of hydrophobic)

Saturday, 2 August 2008

SABAH..on the way to Kota Belud

from Hot Poring in Kinabalu Park to Kota Belud..
we met a local woman with some interesting stories..
with beautiful and amazing sceneries..which can't be seen in Peninsular of Malaysia..

Tanjung Aru, SABAH (24 June 2008)

1st day in SABAH.. Tanjung Aru, Sabah..
......the beauty of the sunset......

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Sweet Candy

This cute candy is from my cousin's wedding, Qistina. Made in England.. sedap..

when i gave it to some of my of them said.. "during my wedding, i want the same candy too but in purple colour"..and even the other one said.."too cute to put in the mouth"..

and during my posting in A&E..i alwiz put one inmy white coat during my that i dun easily get hypoglycemia (low blood glucose in the blood)..thanks alot to my cousins and my auntie who gives me the supply..hehe.. =P

Friday, 1 August 2008

Why A'a??

the broken glasses

Look at the spectacles..broken..and my vision..all things looks 'kembang semangkuk (sedap nih)'..(forgot the words in English for 'kembang')..this happened when i accidentally put my right knee directly on the glasses when i try to turn back to check whether my MP4 player have fully charged or not..

akanishi of KAT-TUN -on the screen

Kelantanese term for this condition : Terbolah..

Tomorrow's parents will pick me to the Federal get new spectacle..i already used the broken one since i'm in 1st year (now in 5th year), can imagine how the tiny screw became loose..and alwayz the glass on the both side became misalignment..sakitnya mata..jadi pening..sebab cermin tu senget sebelah...

Hope to get one new specs tomorrow..with frame??..will consider that, at least the same accident won't happened again..frameless??..also still can be consider..why?? dalam gambar tak nampak pakai specs..haha..

Thursday, 31 July 2008


KAT-TUN Lyrics
Kizuna Lyrics

English Translation:
No matter how much we consider the future
No one can see the truth
Something is blocking my blank mind
It's just a mistake that I've been repeating
It's okay for my steps to continue,
these hands have separated
Walking away from where you continue to live
Until I become worn out I keep prolonging it
That time, that place, it will never disappear -
this bond In time that flows,
I try not to lose anything Passing by, we collided -
true emotion Permeated my heart, into warm desires
The miracle I requested came about by chance
Even when things couldn't stand still,
amidst the pain I saw the light,
because we were bound together
It's okay if you lied, and it's okay to cry
That time, that place, it will never disappear -
this bond It's okay for my steps to continue,
these hands have separated
Walking away from where you continue to live

Until I become worn out I keep prolonging it
That time, that place, it will never disappear -
this bond

Black out lagi..

Juz realize and already proven that i'm afraid to be in the dark alone..

hahaha...not at home la..

Last night..during my stay up time..suddenly the lights and the fans stop..the only source of light was my laptop..with reserve battery which can last only 5-10minutes...

at 3.00am..then..i decided to go to sleep..what's the use of stay-up without electrical supply..unable to read at all...but before that...i openn the door..looking outside whether only my level involved or the whole building...unfortunately..the whole hostel was in the dark..huhuhu..

i shut down my laptop..


i got on the bed...and start to hug tight my school bag..thinking that i still cannot close my eye..xngantuk kan..pull my blanket up to neck level..still can't..pull more until the whole body covered...still can't...

oh my..

so many things came to my mind..(i know u can guess)

5 minutes later..

yeay...(alhamdulillah)... the electricity back to normal...not for a long time..again for the 2nd time after 10 minutes... happens for about 5 minutes only...but for me..that's the 2nd worst experienced when i'm in the dark..

sebenarnya biasa jer..tpi sebab penakut, rasa teruk sangat..hahaha...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Fahami Bacaan Solat..Utusan Malaysia

Fahami bacaan solat (14 Julai 2008) Ruang Agama

SOALAN: Dalam kepala saya ini selalu terfikir, lebih-lebih lagi ketika sedang baring, sebelum melelapkan mata pada waktu malam, kenapa kemungkaran dan kejahatan terus menerus berlaku pada hal Allah SWT menegaskan: “Sesungguhnya sembahyang itu mencegah pelakunya daripada melakukan kejahatan dan kemungkaran.”

Saya rasa begitu ngeri, tidak yakin dan sering tertanya-tanya mengenai kes-kes pembunuhan, persundalan, rompak, rogol penyalahgunaan kuasa, tidak amanah dan sebagainya. Yang terkini ialah fitnah memfitnah, tuduh menuduh seperti yang sedang berlaku. Hilang rasa persaudaraan dan kasih sayang membuktikan roh insaniah itu terpinggir.

Syiar-syair Rukun Iman itu seumpama tidak wujud dan hanya tinggal teori semata-mata yang tidak dapat dilaksanakan. Saya rasa, tidak ada jalan untuk mengatasi masalah ini selain kembali kepada ajaran agama. – Teruna Malam, Ijok

Jawapan: Saya yakin, apa yang saudara rasakan itu dapat dirasai oleh mereka yang dapat berfikir, meneliti fenomena sekeliling sekarang, biarpun ia tidak semestinya terlintas di pemikiran sebelum memejamkan mata untuk menyambung hidup keesokan hari.

Adalah jelas Allah SWT berfirman: “Sembahyang yang dilakukan oleh seseorang hamba itu mencegah pelakunya daripada melakukan kejahatan dan kemungkaran.”

Dalam sebuah hadis, dijelaskan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu penghapus dosa di antara dua sembahyang, selagi hamba berkenaan, iaitu hamba yang melakukan sembahyang itu tidak melakukan dosa-dosa besar. Contohnya, apabila seseorang itu melakukan sembahyang subuh, maka sembahyang yang dilakukan itu menghapuskan dosa-dosa yang dilakukan sebelum subuh. Kerana itu orang yang berkenaan berada dalam keadaan tidak berdosa sehinggalah ia melakukan sembahyang zuhur. Begitulah seterusnya, sehari semalam hingga ke subuh berikutnya.

Semua dosanya terhapus, kecuali sekiranya orang berkenaan melakukan dosa besar, seperti syirik, melakukan sihir, zina, pembunuh yang diharamkan, makan harta anak yatim dan lain-lainnya. Kerana itulah, orang yang terus menerus sembahyang itu diibaratkan seperti orang yang tinggal berhampiran sungai, yang ia mandi lima kali sehari, tidak akan lekat daki pada badannya.

Terlalu banyak kemungkaran menimbulkan rasa gerun dan ngeri, rasa tidak menentu. Keadaan semakin gawat dari hari ke hari. Pembunuhan berlaku seperti yang dipaparkan, diletupkan dengan bom, berbunuhan sesama Islam. Rogol menjadi-jadi, pelacuran, buang anak, ugut mengugut, fitnah memfitnah dan sebagainya. Kesemuanya memperlihatkan mereka yang terlibat hanya tahu adanya balasan hari Kiamat seperti yang terkandung dalam Rukun Iman, tetapi tidak percaya hakikat akan berlaku ketika hisab di Padang Mahsyar.

Pemahaman Tauhid hanya pengetahuan yang termaktub, lalu diluahkan melalui tulisan dan lulus dalam peperiksaan. Namun hakikatnya tidak difahami atau dituruti lalu akhirnya pemahaman itu hanya tinggal teori yang tidak berupaya untuk dipraktikkan. Hukum-hukum Allah itu jelas. Setiap orang Islam wajib percaya terhadap firman Allah, yang diwahyukan melalui malaikat Jibril, disampaikan kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW, dicatat lalu akhirnya dibukukan menjadi mashaf, yang dikenali sebagai al-Quran. Setiap orang wajib mempercayainya.

Barang siapa menidakkan, atau menafikannya, maka ia termasuk dalam golongan yang kufur. Allah SWT Maha Mengetahui, berkuasa dan tidak pernah memungkiri janji-janji-Nya. Kalamullah itu sentiasa benar. Apabila ia berfirman menyatakan sembahyang itu mencegah pelakunya atau orang yang mengamalkannya, maka sembahyang itu akan menjadi penghalang atau membentuk sahsiah seseorang itu daripada melibatkan diri dengan kejahatan dan kemungkaran yang menyebabkan saudara terfikir, termenung panjang sebelum melelapkan mata.

Kemungkaran dan kejahatan berlaku bukan kerana firman Allah itu salah atau silap. Yang silap ialah manusia. Merujuk kepada fenomena yang berlaku, manusia itu terbahagi:

Pertama, ada umat Islam yang tidak pernah sembahyang. Sembahyang itu tiang agama. Barang siapa melakukannya, dia mendirikan agama dan barang siapa meninggalkannya, dia telah merobohkan tiang agama. Kerana itu, tidak peliklah mereka ini terdiri daripada orang yang terlibat dengan kemungkaran, kerana mereka tidak sembahyang. Banyak punca kenapa ia berlaku. Yang jelas, padahnya ialah berlaku kemungkaran dan kejahatan.

Golongan kedua ialah mereka yang sembahyang tetapi tidak cukup, daripada lima waktu, mungkin dilakukan satu waktu. Allah SWT lebih mengetahui dan kita dapat memikirnya kenapa sembahyang diwajibkan lima waktu. Sahsiah Ia berupaya membentuk sahsiah seseorang untuk menjadi manusia yang baik, warak, zuhud lagi bertakwa. Bagaimana hendak menjadi manusia yang baik kalau sembahyang ikut mood? Sembahyang bila hendak sembahyang. Di rumah, takut ibu dan ayah, tetapi di asrama, bersama kawan-kawan langsung tidak sembahyang. Hal demikian berlaku kerana roh sembahyang itu tidak wujud dalam diri. Tidak mendapat maklumat kenapa sembahyang itu wajib dilakukan selengkapnya.

Golongan ketiga ialah mereka yang sembahyang, tidak sempurna ilmu sembahyangnya menyebabkan sembahyang itu tidak sah. Termasuk dalam golongan ini ialah mereka yang sembahyang melakukan perbuatan membatalkan sembahyang. Selain itu, mereka tidak menyedari sembahyang yang dilakukan itu tidak sah. Contohnya bacaan al-Fatihah yang tidak betul. Kerana tidak menyebut adanya sabdu (tasydid) ketika membaca kalimah-kalimah yang wajib dibaca ketika membaca al-Fatihah. Tidak ada tamakninah ketika rukun fi’liy, iaitu ketika rukuk, iktidal, sujud dan duduk di antara dua sujud. Apabila ini terjadi, maka tidak sahlah sembahyang itu.

Kalau seseorang itu berumur 60 tahun, maka selama itulah, iaitu selepas ia baligh, yang diistilahkan sebagai mukallaf, melakukan sembahyang tidak sah. Bagaimanakah hamba seperti ini mahukan sembahyang yang dilakukan itu membentuk diri yang baik, pada hal sembahyangnya tidak sah, atau sekali sah sekali tidak sah? Dalam masa yang sama, sembahyangnya juga tidak cukup lima waktu sehari semalam. Terlalu banyak faktor menyebabkan sembahyang seseorang itu tidak sah, yang boleh dirujuk dari kitab-kitab fikah.

Golongan keempat ialah mereka yang sah sembayangnya, tetapi sembahyang yang dilakukan tidak diterima Allah. Apabila seseorang itu sembahyang cukup dengan syarat wajibnya, juga rukun- rukun yang wajib dilakukan maka sahlah sembahyang itu. Perlu difahami di antara sah sembahyang dan diterima sembahyang yang dilakukan oleh Allah adalah dua perkara yang berlainan. Sama juga dengan orang melakukan ibadat haji. Apabila seseorang itu dapat menyempurnakan segala rukun dan syarat, maka sahlah haji yang dilakukan.

Tetapi, sekiranya wang yang digunakan untuk menunaikan haji itu daripada wang haram, sogokan, hasil penyalahgunaan kuasa, maka haji yang dilakukan tidak diterima Allah. Lalu akhirnya haji atau ibadah yang dilakukan itu tidak berupaya membentuk, menjadi pelakunya manusia baik. Balik dari mengerjakan haji, sifat lama, yang jahat terus menerus dilakukan. Dari sinilah lahirnya individu tertentu yang takut menunaikan haji atau umrah kerana tidak yakin akan menjadi manusia baik selepas balik dari Mekah.

Tidak ada kesan ibadah yang dilakukan, merasa berpura-pura dan tidak yakin pada diri atau kerana takut sesuatu yang buruk berlaku ketika berada di Mekah. Sembahyang sah, tetapi tidak diterima Allah boleh berlaku apabila seseorang itu sembahyang dalam keadaan tidak khusyuk, yang diistilahkan sebagai was- was. Rasa was-was itu lahir akibat daripada was-was syaitan. Hal demikian boleh berlaku ketika berniat. Ketika membaca al-Fatihah, terutamanya semasa membaca kalimah yang ada huruf-huruf kesamaran.

Pelbagai lintasan masuk dalam kepala ketika sembahyang, iaitu ketika sembahyang berjemaah, lebih-lebih lagi ketika imam membaca surah yang panjang. Pelbagai ingatan menyelinap dalam kepala seperti ketika berada di pejabat, cerita di kampung, masalah kewangan, masalah isteri sakit dan lain-lain lagi. Pandangan mata pula tertumpu pada cicak yang sedang meniti tiang atau lipas yang melintas di celah-celah kaki, juga gambar-gambar di karpet atau tulisan pada baju makmum di hadapan mata.

Kadang-kadang seseorang itu terasa terkentut ketika sujud atau terasa keluar air kencing ketika berdiri. Segala-galanya ini boleh berlaku menyebabkan seseorang itu hilang rasa khusyuk. Seorang hamba itu berupaya memikiri satu perkara dalam satu masa. Apabila orang yang sedang sembahyang itu memikir hal-hal di luar sembahyang seperti yang dijelaskan, mengimbau perkara-perkara yang telah berlaku di pejabat, masalah anak, mengulang kalimah dalam bacaan al-Fatihah maka konsentrasinya terhadap sembahyang akan hilang, atau sebahagian besar daripadanya hilang, kerana ketika itu ingatannya atau konsentrasinya diimbau pada perkara yang ada di luar sembahyang. Ketika itu rasa khusyuk tidak wujud.

Sembahyang seperti inilah yang tidak diterima Allah. Apabila ini berlaku, maka sembahyang itu tidak memberi kesan pada keperibadian orang yang berkenaan, menyebabkan orang yang seumpama ini sembahyang, tetapi lepas sembahyang melakukan perbuatan mungkar dan kejahatan.

Sebahagian besar masyarakat Malaysia melakukan sembahyang tanpa memahami makna kalimah yang dibaca, termasuklah makna al-Fatihah, doa ketika rukuk, iktidal, sujud, duduk antara dua sujud, ketika tasyahud awal juga tasyahud akhir. Begitu juga dengan bacaan qunut ketika sembahyang subuh. Memahami makna bacaan yang dibaca ketika sembahyang seperti yang dijelaskan tidak termasuk dalam rukun sembahyang. Walaupun demikian, untuk memperoleh kesan yang maksimum, perlulah memahami bacaan itu. Memohon Seseorang yang sedang membaca al-Fatihah, ialah orang yang sedang berdoa, memohon kepada Allah, agar ditunjukkan jalan yang benar lagi lurus, iaitu jalan-jalan yang telah Allah berikan kepada mereka yang terdahulu, kepada nabi-nabi, rasul-rasul, sahabat, tabiin, para salihin yang mempunyai sifat warak, zuhud dan takwa.

Bukan jalan mereka yang dimurkai Allah, firaun, kaum Lut dan sebagainya, yang kisahnya tercatat jelas dalam al-Quran, juga bukan jalan mereka yang sesat, yang banyak menimbulkan masalah masyarakat seperti yang saudara luahkan. Mereka memohon kepada Allah. Bukan jalan yang dilalui oleh mereka yang sesat, yang dimurkai Allah.

Orang yang waras dan dapat berfikir, hasil daripada roh insaniah yang dianugerah Allah berfirman bagaimanakah seseorang itu boleh memfitnah, menipu, membunuh, biar dengan apa cara sekalipun, pada hal sehari semalam, setiap lima waktu memohon diberi petunjuk jalan yang lurus atau ketika hening malam melakukan sembahyang tasbih, sembahyang taubat, tahajud, witir dan sebagainya. Segala kemungkaran ini tidak akan berlaku sekiranya seseorang itu memahami dan menyedari apa yang dibaca ketika sembahyang, menginsafkan dan mengambil iktibar daripada kalimah- kalimah yang dituturkan.

Walaupun, semuanya akan menjadi amalan seperti amalan burung kakak tua, boleh berkata-kata, tetapi tidak memahami maknanya, lalu akhirnya kemungkaran itu akan terus menerus berlaku, kerana sebab-sebab yang dijelaskan.

Kepenatan tapi tak boleh tido..

Salam semua and selamat sejahtera..


baru jer balik dari ICU..ada la dalam 2 jam lepas..penat masih lagi ada...

even dah minum and makan-makan skit..and mandi jugak...

tapi penat coz tak rehat sangat...

Nak tido tak boleh coz kena study untuk kelas esok... Conduct Anaesthesia and Pain Management..

at least baca skit2 la..karang blur plak kat kelas..
tapi pelik kan naper la kalo time bukak internet jer mesti segar bulat mata...hahaha

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Accident and Emergency Posting

Short but more interesting posting compare with Neuro posting..kalo ikut post yang lepas..i said that Neuro posting is the best..tapi posting A&E ni lagi best..

even the doctors are bz..but still they spend their time for the students...teach us, laugh with us and answering us..memang best la..

Specialist yang sehebat mana pun, very kind, ada sense of, dalam kelas, jarang-jarang je ngantuk..(means, ngantuk jugak tp xseteruk posting lain la..)..

pendek kata: boleh berbual macam kawan la..kalo takut dengan specialist..something wrong somewhere tu..

Di HUSM, A&E adalah the busiest department..di mana almost all patient (admitted or not) akan datang dengan pelbagai ragam..ada yang sakit betul-betul...and ada yang tak kecemasan pun tapi still datang A&E..kat KB ni, dah jadi macam rutin plak..rasa nak jumpa doctor jer,datang A&E..klinik harian USM pun ada...tapi bila patient dah datang, takkan a kita nak halau balik..

I prefer one doctor ni..dia akan treat patient dia yang 'non-emergency' case..tapi at the same time, she told the patient that A&E is not a right place for diseases yang 'non-life-threathening' or 'non emergency' la..yang boleh tahan..xserius, gi je klinik...

Contoh non-emergency cases yang I lihat : hair loss, panau, demam sehari with body temperature 37 degree and etc..

Emergency cases yang lain banyak la..i will share some of them later..

before that, let's get to know the system in HUSM..


First, when a patient arrive at the A&E, they have to register at the counter by showing the staff their IC and treatment card (if any, will be provided later).


After that, a staff nurse or Medical Assistant (MA) or even medical students will call their name and sit on a chair besides them for ur vital signs asssessment : Blood Pressure, SpO2 (saturation of oxygen in the blood), Heart rate, Respiratory rate and general conditions of the patient.

At the same time, some hostory and complaint of the patient will be hear. From the history and Vital signs, the patient will be categirized into three group. This is called TRIAGING. They got three colour code: Green, Yellow and Red

Green: patient will be seen by the doctors within 2 hours

Yellow: around half-1 hour

Red: within 10 minutes


Green Zone:

Name will be call..and inside, a doctor-in-charge will take further history and physical examnation..thorough only..then, carried out some investigation if needed such as blood test ect.

If need to be admit, Intravenous cannula will be attached, as needed..only.. tak sakit pun.

Sesaper pun akan tolong doctor untuk carriend out investigation such as Capillary Blood Sugar, other blood test such as Full Blood Count (FBC), Blood Urea Serum Electrolyte (BUSE) and etc..kalo ada student, kami lah yang akan

After that, medication and some advice will be delivered..then discharge the patient if appropriate.

Yellow Zone

Asthma falls into this zone..immediately will be call and some nebulizer of medication will be given for symptomatic relief. Usual medication used : Salbutamol, Adrenaline and Ipratropium Bromide.

Acute abdominal pain such as appendicitis, diarrhea and fever more than 40 degree Celcius will be treat in this zone..

not much difference from the Green Zone..

Red Zone

Life-Threatening conditions such as angina (chest pain cardiac origin), severe shortness of breath such as in Acute Pulmonary Oedema (APO), head injury, unconscious patient and massive hemorrhage.

Some procedures includes : Cardipulmonary Resuscitation, Fluid Resuscitation, Central line insertion and monitoring may be carried out depends on patient's problems.

In this zone, relatives are not allowed to be with the patient especially during the resuscitation.

The ethics behind this is : the resuscitation procedure might seem very invasive and 'ganas' and, to avoid some emotional factors from the family members, which later may influence the decision of treatment, they have to stay outside the zone..or outside the curtain...this happen especially when the family members are closed-minded or didn't have any medical background..


and patient in this zone came out with variety of outcome and prognosis..

That's A&E..the first place where the patient seen by the doctors before other department (Medical, Surgery, Orthopaedics and ect) take over the case...

Next time, i'll story about A&E in the view of medical student and what we learn...

and also some cases..