Friday, 28 November 2008

Sori sesangat...

kalo ikut post2 yg lepas..byk benda nk cerita...tapi bila sedar masa makin suntuk untuk PROFESSIONAL EXAM this April..rasa xsempat lak nak citer..
walau bagaimanapun..aA masih ingat lagi benda2 yg nak citer tu coz that's my memories..yg insya-Allah dengan izin-Nya aA akan tetap ingat sampai bila2..why so special??..
semua tu memberi pengajaran dan membuka mata aA sebagai pelajar peubatan..that's my life..

p/s: Abe..A'a tak sempat lagi nak review buku tu..dah baca 1st chapter..memang best..meremang bulu roma..terharu n kagum sgt2..if ada masa free..aA try baca buku tu n try to review back as ur request..

Intermediate Aim..

My intermediate short term aim..nk revision balik semua block yg lepas..while at the same time..improving my clinical that, i can be a safe doctor..a good ethical doctor..short term aim penting untuk intermediate aim..and short term aim must be continuous as long as i'm alive..
belajar bukan untuk exam sahaja..belajar kerana Allah..mesti ikhlas kerana Allah..
My long term aim..dah gtau dah kat atas tu..
banyak aim sebenarnya...keep coming to my mind..too many..haha..
doakan Aa berjaya yer..
harapan motivation..
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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

O&G Posting..

Salam sejahtera semua..

I'm in my 3rd week for my Obstetric and Gynaecology 2 weeks more to go with 3 times on-call session left and a hundred blank boxes in my log book to fulfill...not forget two clinical reports..huhu..

I already conduct a case of normal delivery.
27 years old Malay female, primigravida (1st pregnancy) at 39 weeks and few days (can't remember the exact days). In Obstetric, the exected date of delivery was based on 40 weeks of gestation..means 280 days. Not like in Malay drama "9 months 9 days or 10 days" is 9 months and 7 days..
This time, my patient was very excited to see her child..when the Os was 3 cm dilated..she keep asking me when will the labour process will end..and she also claimed that she can't wait to push..
then, as the pain was very severe (due to strong uterine contraction), we give IM Pethidine together with anti-emetics. Just in minutes, she falls asleep..very deep sleep..very peace eventhough the contraction intensity was increasing..A peaceful 2nd stage of labour..
Around 4 hours later..the cervix still not favourable. At that time was 5 cm dilated. Got 5 cm more to go.. Oxytocin infusion was given..until maximum dose..where the patient's cervix dilatation reached at 10cm just in 1 hour..She was put in left lateral position and asked to start pushing in that position..for another 30 was 3.45pm. And i got class at 4.00pm..
As the midwife knows that i'd got a class with my lecturer..Sharp at 4pm, the patient was put in supine and started on active pushing...
With very good and effective pushing..i successfully conduct the delivery of the baby girl 10 minutes later...very happy..that's was my 1st case..6 hours staying in the labour room with the mother..very satisfied..blood, amniotic fluid, the's bad..i can even swallow a drink or food unless i really scrub my white coat??yess..the odour of the amniotic fluid and the blood were there..but i managed to mask the smell by rolling my mini Escape Calvin Klein on my white coat..hehe..
next time...i will share a experience witnessed a mother delivered an anencephaly baby..

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The immature side of me... feedjit revealed that someone from ......... . That person may be had read my prevoios posts on under one topic...which i may concluded that "the immature side of my thinking.."..
that's a long time ago..being a final medical student..i start to know and learned to be be more positive.. more cheerful..less distressing..
not like my previous time..haha..
once thought to delete that post(s)..but..that's part of my experienced..sayang r nak delete..bila baca balik..mula la tergelak sorang diri..kelakar plak..instead of sedih or stress..kita ingat kita mature waktu by time, belum cukup lagi..
like my best frenz cakap : the experienced makes me wiser...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

2nd small reunion- SKPG 2

From Left : Ifah, Biey, Baizura, Miti, A'a
Back : Nazman

during open house on 1st Nov Kg.Tok home..

bila la kawan2 lain nk join reunion time..will be.
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Sunday, 2 November 2008

1 Nov 2008..Open House

An open house, session for eating and greetings..
for my USMmates and also my friends from SKPG2..
held at my home..form 10am till 3.30pm..tired but enough for me to make smile during my sleeping time..
and thanks a lot to both MY PARENTS, My Aunties, My Neighbours and also My Three Friends (Fairuz, Pu and Ara)..

later, will upload the pics..even though my Nikon s10 was not there..but i will try to copy the photos from my friends..

Thanks a lot for Coming..

Now..getting ready to go to O&G Department.. 1st day in O&G posting..right now, at 8.13am..the briefing at 9am..haha...cepat..cepat..