Saturday, 20 December 2008


What can u see??..
this image was copied from the website The Cloud Appreciation Society..they got so many pictures of nice, colourful cloud and storm..
and i just submit one of my collection last night..hope they'll accepted it..=P

and i think that i juz realized i also got some interest with Cloud..
and it's very painful..when i saw some beautiful pattern of the cloud..but my Nikon s10 was not in my hand...huhu..right Nikon was at the
besides..hope one day i can be a member for the society..need some money..current member from Malaysia??..only four..and hope i'll be the 5th..hahaha..cepat sangat tu..
tunggulah..nak kena bayar tu problem skit..dgn keadaan securit internet yg sgt low skrg..
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