Monday, 29 December 2008

Happy Birthday Mok...

My grandmother and my mother

28 December mother's birthday..
She was born in 28 December 1953..that makes her turn into 55 years old this year..
and this afternoon, i met her while walking out from the ward area in HKB..
she was there to pick up some insulin needle supply from the diabetic clinic there..
at that time..i really dun remember it was her birthday..
as me, aDA n ATIH already wish her 2 days earlier..(as we thought we are not available at home on 28th)
Later, i met my brother, Abe..outside the building after make a call to him..
He's home yesterday..and brought back some deer silap..kijang..(dlm english aper yer??)..

Kami adik beradik bagi Mok hadiah last 2 days..hmm....benda yang gerak flip flap tu..bentuk rama2..guna kuasa solar..ada yang bentuk daun 2 helai..comey...
boleh letak dalam kereta..tepi tingkap ker..sonok tgk dia gerak...
yang daun bagi hadiah sempena birthday Che Ja, New Year ni..1st January..aA tak tahu whether aDA n ATIH dah bg belum kat Che Ja..hehe..

Hepi Birthday MOK...
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Sunday, 28 December 2008


gambar kat atas tu adalah senarai hospital yang buat aA n kwn2 pening sejak 2 minggu ni..

banyak kan hospital..ada 5 hospital yang baru dibuka untuk HO..

1. Sandakan

2. Kulim

3. Sungai hospital baru

4. Ampang

5. Sultan Ismail, JB

td kakak buddy, Kuza (senior yang byk tolong dari 1st year lagi sampai sekarang) tepon...

ada la tnya dia pasal HO kat Melaka..dia kat sana..

sedih dia..baru hari ni dia citer pasal hostel kat sana..

before ni bila tnya..

dia cakap semua best especially bab gaji n makan..

tp td baru dia citer kebenaran tempat tinggal dia..

teruk la..dengan tak leh nak masak, takder tempat ampaian..

kena sidai baju dalam toilet..

and kongsi satu bilik 3 orang..etc la..

lagi teruk dari USM..

kesian tul..

itu lah satu perkara yang aA bimbang..if facilities kat sana tak best..hahaha..

duk BP..rumah aDA depan problem dah..

duk Kajang..dekat rumah mama (my auntie)..

tp sebab xder lesen keta lagi..

tu yg problem..

so, hope hostel HO kat sana OK..

or hospital baru..hope hostel dia masih OK gak..

kalo ada lesen keta..senang skit..

tu la A'a..test 3 kali pun tak lepas2 lagi.. tiang parking yang sama,

di petak parking yang sama..

semua tiang aA 'sentuh' lepas elok jer keta masuk petak and ready nak kuar..


tapi if dapat salah satu..


doakan aA dapat ikut priority..alang2 pilih kajang..

baik letak serdang 2nd kan..hehehe..

semoga aA boleh dapat lesen before gi keje

nak keje..kena lepas exam, gi study nuhhh...)..

...syuhhh syuhhh...

c u later...

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Mahukan kepastian..

Juz now..exploring some profiles from Friendster..
and many of them already got their own URL link..the thing that come to my mind is..
is it OK to combine two names, name of man and woman who are didn't have any legal relationship..camner ek nk cakap??...yg tak kawen la..
contoh paling senang..yg berkapel ni la..suka sangat gabung nama jd satu..
naper aA tnya benda ni??
coz..pernah terbaca dalam paper dulu..ada sorg ustaz tu kata takleh gabung nama if xder ikatan sah coz sama cam Zina Nama..
pernah dgr tak pasal benda ni??ada sesaper yg tahu pasal ni..boleh discuss by drop some comments..
Thank You..

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Nak keje kat mana ni??

Juz came back from HRPZ II a.k.a Hospital Kota Bharu for a teaching session with Prof Zabidi..(USM Paediatrician)...a lot of things we learn today especially how to tackle a shy n non-cooperative child.
After the session..we had an informal session with the HO in of them from UPM, and the other one from IMU..a lot of questions we asked..
and most of them regarding Housemanship..
which hospital is the best..??
how's the staff and working environment..
clinical skill that we can learn..
and many more..

After a trip to Sabah in June this year..i'm very excited to do my HO year in Kota Kinabalu..becoz of the beauty...right now??...may be KK is one of the most bziest hospital..
imagine u receive a lot of patients from most part of the KK and the area surrounds it including Kota MArudu, maybe Kudat and Kota Belud..
what a big area of coverage..and of course..the workload..
too much load also a disadvantages for us to learn about the managemnet of the cases. Like ROBOT la..

then, i decided to got to Hospita Batu Pahat..
why?? sister, aDA stay there..and her house exactly in front of the hospital..
easy for me..transport??confirm..just walk..
house??cnfirm..tumpang jer..
Besides..HBP not too bz and no too relax..just nice..
Dr. Lee (HO from IMU) also told that the staffs there are very nice..good working environment..

The problem is..
we are given 3 choices to choose..and whoever put any hospital located in Sabah and Sarawak..even the 3rd choice..u will be send there..directly.. means, ur 1st and second choice will be directly ignored..
if not, i'm very daring to put the 3rd choice Hospital Tawau..
Help me..anybody got any information about other hospital??

i'm not interested with the following hospital...
1. any hospital in Kelantan, terengganu, Pahang
2. Hospital Kulim
3. Any University Hospital
4. any hospital in Sarawak
5 Hospital Teluk Intan
6. Hospital Kelang and Ampang
7. emmm...mana lagi yer??..

and quite interested with
1. Selayang
2. Serdang
3. xder dah..xleh nk pk dah...

k..already class after this..Radiology..

Jom layan lagu KRU..

sempena ketibaan Cicakman 2..tetiba plak teringat..dulu aA ni memang minat giler lagu KRU..kalo ada rap tu, siap boleh ingat lagi..(kan bagus kalo leh ingat nota2 mcm ingat lagu)..

so, skrg duk layan lagu KRU jer..tmbh2 lagi jmpa website yg boleh download lagu KRU..illegal ni..hahah..

tp skrg mood BLUES, gilir2 dgn LiteFM n lagu BLUES dlm desktop..

KRU-Boyzone-5ive-KATTUN (Japanese Boyband)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cloud of mine

gbr yg depan sekali tu la gbr yg telah disubmit ke The Cloud Appreciation bukan guna yg dh dikolaj ni..yg ori la..ada byk lagi..kemudian la kot..
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What can u see??..
this image was copied from the website The Cloud Appreciation Society..they got so many pictures of nice, colourful cloud and storm..
and i just submit one of my collection last night..hope they'll accepted it..=P

and i think that i juz realized i also got some interest with Cloud..
and it's very painful..when i saw some beautiful pattern of the cloud..but my Nikon s10 was not in my hand...huhu..right Nikon was at the
besides..hope one day i can be a member for the society..need some money..current member from Malaysia??..only four..and hope i'll be the 5th..hahaha..cepat sangat tu..
tunggulah..nak kena bayar tu problem skit..dgn keadaan securit internet yg sgt low skrg..
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Friday, 19 December 2008

114 days left before my exam..

already entered paediatric of the 'malignant' posting..not all part of the posting..
this time, we're divided into four subgroup : Neonatal Posting, Paediatric Clinic Posting and two groups on General Paediatric..
For me, i'm prefered to be in NICU (Neonatal ICU)..and tomorrow, i have my oncall there..
hope got some procedure to learn..
In NICU, most of the babies got problems with respiration such as respiration distress syndrome due to premature and some complication during antenatal period such as maternal hypertension, maternal diabetes, fetal distress ..or intrapartum problem eg: prolonged 2nd stage of labour etc..
can you imagine..dealing with small, red pitiful face babies who are in respiratory light as 800gm..kesian woooo..some are due to unexplained premature delivery..
Failure to Thrive in Premature Infants
one birth with the weight of 1.0kg born at 25 weeks of gestation..but still didn't gain weight after 1 month in NICU..still dunno the causes of the failure to thrive...
Heart Disease
One term infants diagnosed to have Double Outlet Right Ventricle..this baby always in cyanosed condition..(blue-spell)..especially during cying..means that, he always in chronic hypoxia state..which was not good for his developement..and the help him..oxygen supplementation was given via nasal prong (not comfortable at all to wear this..wanna try??)
Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
This condition was due to prolonged hypoxia or anoxia during intrapartum..usually the baby did not cry just after birth..and always need intubation..there's one case the baby's head stuck for more than 10 minutes in breech delivery.. try to imagine, did not get oxygen for 10 minutes..
nak tahan nafas seminit pun dah penat..
HIE got 3 grade : Grade I-III.
Grade III had the worst prognosis for later development..and characterised by seizures during neonatal period..and many more criteria using Sarnat-Sarnat Criteria of Grading..
for further information..boleh carik kat internet or jurnal..
Birth Injury
1. The trauma occurs during antenatal, intrapartum period..
maybe due to lacking of amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios),
eg: limbs fracture
2. assisted delivery (Ventouse or Vacuum delivery, Forceps delivery),
eg: bruises over the scalp or hematoma ranging from non-life threathening to life threathening.
3. big baby who had difficulty to deliver the shoulder (shoulder dystocia) where the shoulder stuck at the maternal pelvis
eg: paralysis of the shoulder and upper limb..can be transiet or permanent.
banyak lagi causes of admission kat NICU ni..xhabih nk cerita..sebab nk study jap yer..hehe..