Thursday, 31 July 2008

Black out lagi..

Juz realize and already proven that i'm afraid to be in the dark alone..

hahaha...not at home la..

Last night..during my stay up time..suddenly the lights and the fans stop..the only source of light was my laptop..with reserve battery which can last only 5-10minutes...

at 3.00am..then..i decided to go to sleep..what's the use of stay-up without electrical supply..unable to read at all...but before that...i openn the door..looking outside whether only my level involved or the whole building...unfortunately..the whole hostel was in the dark..huhuhu..

i shut down my laptop..


i got on the bed...and start to hug tight my school bag..thinking that i still cannot close my eye..xngantuk kan..pull my blanket up to neck level..still can't..pull more until the whole body covered...still can't...

oh my..

so many things came to my mind..(i know u can guess)

5 minutes later..

yeay...(alhamdulillah)... the electricity back to normal...not for a long time..again for the 2nd time after 10 minutes... happens for about 5 minutes only...but for me..that's the 2nd worst experienced when i'm in the dark..

sebenarnya biasa jer..tpi sebab penakut, rasa teruk sangat..hahaha...

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