Friday, 1 August 2008

Why A'a??

the broken glasses

Look at the spectacles..broken..and my vision..all things looks 'kembang semangkuk (sedap nih)'..(forgot the words in English for 'kembang')..this happened when i accidentally put my right knee directly on the glasses when i try to turn back to check whether my MP4 player have fully charged or not..

akanishi of KAT-TUN -on the screen

Kelantanese term for this condition : Terbolah..

Tomorrow's parents will pick me to the Federal get new spectacle..i already used the broken one since i'm in 1st year (now in 5th year), can imagine how the tiny screw became loose..and alwayz the glass on the both side became misalignment..sakitnya mata..jadi pening..sebab cermin tu senget sebelah...

Hope to get one new specs tomorrow..with frame??..will consider that, at least the same accident won't happened again..frameless??..also still can be consider..why?? dalam gambar tak nampak pakai specs..haha..

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