Saturday, 19 July 2008

Waiting for my journal..

Last semester break (20th June 2008-5 July 2008), i used almost my break to travel..very enjoyable..and really fever already..hahah..but satisfying.
I went to Perak and Sabah..even only two states but i really have my time to see. to enjoy and to stick the memory in my make me smile each time i recall back..
SO, i decided to write a journal abut my visits to all those places..

List of the places i went:

1. Perak

Ipoh Old Town White Coffee
Jusco Shopping Complex
Courts Mammoth (aka Kekoh Mamoh)
Zoo Taiping
Lost World of Tambun
Kellie's Castle
Kenny Rogers Ipoh
Pekan Tambun
Bandar Diraja Kuala Kangsar

(i include the shopping complexes too.becoz there's something sweet memory there..)

2. Sabah

Pasar Filipina
Plaza KK
Pasar Basah KK
Kinabalu Park
Hot Poring
Kota Belud
Kota Marudu
Kudat (the tip or borneo)
Islands (Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Sapi)
Kem Bukit Perwira
Sesat..hehehe..(Fuh Sang, etc)

when the journal is ready..i will scan it and try to make it into pdf version..the journal will be in my handwriting..hope to find free time to write..

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