Saturday, 3 May 2008

My happy day..

Today is weekend..boring initially..wanna study but still can't concentrate for a long there are wireless...and i keep surfing for something..finally..i successfully download a video of KAT-TUN Tour 2007 Concert..DVD quality..hahaha..n again..that's makes me difficult to continue my revision..ohoooo...

afternoon..after Zohor..without any the Apley's Ortho books..try to finish at least one chapter..haha..dunnno at what time my eye lids got stick to each other..again..i fall asleep..

well..where's the happy part??

even though my day today full of wasted time..but later in the evening..i make my decision to visit my frenz who taking care of her father..i have decided to go there, have some walk and at least i can free up my mind from wasting time without getting any good for today, on Friday...hehhe

Earlier at 5.15pm, i order 2 nasi goreng and i nasi paprik one kaw teh beng..hmmm..

walk alone towards the ward..hiding the matrix card from the 'jaga'..and walk as usual..wait for the elevator/lift..luckily i got my space there..stop at 7S medical ward..

before entering the ward..i saw someone who is very familiar to me..the one who i alwiz approached to get his signature for my copied certificate years ago..complicated lak ayat ni..ginilah..untuk sahkan sijil2 dulu, this person la yg of my teacher n my father's frenz..

fortunately, when i called him, he still recognize..'oo..anak pok nik yer??'..that's the usual phrase i will heard whenever i met my teachers..hehe..

later, when to 7S, met my friend's family and herself..after some time, time to go back..and again, while waiting for the lift..someone (a lady in purple) also looks familiar to fast as lightning, i'll try to recall her name...ya...she is Cikgu Azizah..also my teacher, my father's friend too..

i approach her and introduce myself to her as 'anak cikgu nik' biasa la..dia kenal even though she's never been my teacher in the class but she is still my teacher rite..

Puas hati gi wad hari ni..satu benda yg nk kejar..dapat 2 lagi..seronok sgt..meeting my teacher is a good things for me..they are my inspirations..and my father is the best teacher in the school..

Thanks Teacher..14 days to go for Teacher's Day..

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