Saturday, 14 July 2007

Posting in Ophthalmology Year 4

3:55 AM 7/13/2007

Tonight..early friday morning..i got a chance back to write in my blog after a long time i didn't do so..why toninght??? yeay..i already finished my first weeek of ophthalmology posting in year 2 weeks more to go..what a short time to fulfill the minimum requirement or otherwise we will failed our most interesting posting..huhu..mintak jauh la..AMIN

For additional information..we have to performed at least 20 funduscopy examination and got MO/Lecturer's signature to approved it..besides, for those who are posting in ophthalmology, make sure u know basic things about funduscopy ur frenz, help ur frenzs..any interesting findings u found, tell ur frenzs, ask ur frenz to come ward or clinics..without ur own funduscope, it's really difficult to survive..we have to search for it all over the clinic..and sometimes we have to borrow it from the MDL..luckily i already borrowed it from MDL..the lab..for 3 weeks..hehe..hoewever..i still shared it with my frenzs....get ur own funduscope..however, i have to think many times before i can lend mine to others..of course have to think again n's very expensive and it's important to not wasting ur scholarship to buyleast important goods..So..SAVING SAVING SAVING...

in ophthalmology posting, we are divided into 3 team..A, B, C..each team have different activities..eventhoughwe're in the same group, that's not mean we have a chance to meet our frenzs from other team..only during tutorial..u know what i feel?? i feel very far from my frenzs..huhuhu..hope we can improve it by the 2nd weeks of postings..

Each students will be attached to a MO..Medical officer who is doing Msc in Ophthalmology..i have to share the same MO with my frenz..the MO will teach us certain procedures and alwiz ask us about common disease of the eyes..During clinic time, we have to clerk patients, observed and performed procedures..all of that must have a signature.So, depends on the MO..some got very sporting MO and some got quite moody MO..huhu..Alhamdullillah my MO have a willing to teach us with a full commitment..that's why i cannot waste my chance to learn from him n my frenzs..
thanks a lot guys..

During OT..we went to OT room 9 and 12..we observed some operations and certain procedures..all surgery involved microscope..microsurgery So..we have to listen properly on what our MO and the specialist discussing during the operations..we also learn the theories of the operations such as ECCE, ICCE, phacoemulsification and etc..

phaco means lens

4:31 PM 7/13/2007

After diz we gonna discuss about funduscopy as tonight we will visit the ward.. What a stress day for me.. New Books..more money needed, no clinicsno OT..i really missed that day..less time for us to cover the log book..

i think i have write everything i think u should know about our first posting..Ophthalmology..
Here are the list of my team. Group B withe the name of their MOs..of course this will be our memory in the future..

Sani and Hisham : Dr. Tg. Norina
Saril and Me : Dr. Azreen Redzal Anuar
Cik Pu : Dr. Che Maheran
Syud : Dr. Tan Soo Ken
Ara : Dr. Bashkaran
Azirah : Dr. Omar
Kak Syidah : Dr. Hamiza
Kak Syik : Dr. Amelah

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