Thursday, 3 May 2007

9 days left towards our Professional II Exam

This is d most stressful week for me..and some of my frenz..i think.hehehe..
Professional II Exam is one out of three most important exam in our life as a medical USM. Why?? if we failed to pass.we have to repeat another year..not a semester and what makes it is more difficult adn of course more stressful right now, no remedial exam..huhu..

Sometimes, not the exam itself act as the stressors but peoples and students around us.. Occasionally during this time, i saw and experienced many will be very selfish..i know they want to share with us what they'd already read n revised but the mistakes is..plz consider whether the time is right or not to discuss..the student might think that the time is suitable for her but at some circumstances, it's not for others.. it's all related to psychology effect.. To avoid this, we have to be more sensitive.. i'm going to face tomorrow and so on...until my exam??? As usual, Never Give Up..and like my favourite singer (Josh Groban) sing "Don't Give Up, It's just the weight of the world"...

Hope so.. the big obstacles i have to overcome right now are psychologically, mentally, health and of course the notes..huhuhu.. And as a Muslim.. never forget your ibadah, take good care of others feeling and do no harm from what ever aspect..

i think i better stop typing first right now..i have to reserved my time for more important thing.. TIME IS VERY PRECIOUS... Like Gollum of LOTR "My precious"..hahah..adioss

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